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As a matter of interest what is the evidence that barbel have poorer eyesight than other non-predatory fish as suggested in Philips post?
Andy, in terms of objective evidence I cant guarantee it but I do have a recollection of reading something way back that was a study done on various fishes eyesight and the Barbel came out pretty poorly (as an aside I also seem to recall Dace was brilliant) but its vague.

So at least for my part the evidence is based on my own experience ;

  1. From what i see with my own eyes and how Barbel react. For example I can generally get up closer to Barbel before they notice me than Chub for example
  2. The Babel is primarily designed to feed rooting on the bottom with an underslung mouth and Barbels so is more geared up to location by smell and feel than sight.
  3. Take a look at a Barbels eye, its smaller and lower set & (very unscientific I grant you)it also just looks less developed than the eye of say a Roach, Dace or Chub for example.

I accept all the above are not objective evidence but I am pretty confident based on my own experience that a Barbels eyesight is not great. Its a good question and I would also be interested if anyone has some more information about it.