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    When using flavoured pellets such as band'ums is it better to use fruity or spicy in summer. many thanks.

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    It depends on the species you are trying to catch and type of location that you are fishing.

    If I were fishing for Barbel & Chub in a stream or river or for Tench & Crucians in my local estate lake then I might choose a spicy flavour as first choice, but there are days when the Tench & Crucians may prefer a fruity flavour.

    I’m not sure if the Carp prefer either fruity or spicy but overall I catch more Carp on spicy flavours.

    As for silvers like Roach, Rudd or Dace I much prefer to use naturals or some form of bread so flavouring isn’t really that relevant.

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    Many thanks keith . I normally fish on a local commercial which has a mixture of everything.
    I normally fish just plain carp pellets for feed and on the band. Just thought maybe using
    a flavoured pellet might give me more options. I have some bandums in tutti fruity.

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    I gave up with flavours in Band-ums, instead I go on colour. The white-ish Scopex do well for me, but then I also do well on Mainline Cell wafter mini-boilies - also white.
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