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Thread: Rod Quivers...

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    Default Rod Quivers...

    Since every time someone mentions anything to do with rod carrying/storage it throws up a variety of differing opinions about carrying rods made-up or broken down, I thought it might be nice to see what everyone uses?

    I’ve had the Korum 2 and 3 rod quivers and found them okay but a bit short on central storage when taking a large-ish brolly like a Korum and, say, a pole as well as made up rods. I found the butt pockets very tight and the top bands not roomy enough for a pole. Outside storage for banksticks and net poles etc was okay. The Plastic carabiner “dog lead” clips on the carrying strap used to dig into my shoulder making anything other than a two-minute walk very uncomfortable. They also had a habit of unclipping themselves for no good reason.

    I now use this Trakker NXG 3 Rod Quiver which I find very roomy with sensible sized butt pockets and good length Velcro rod holders and an additional protective band over the Velcro straps to prevent any damage to rods in cluttered cars.

    The outer storage pockets are capacious and the carrying strap is wide, well padded and sewn into place. I think, like my chair, net handle, Drennan bucket and feeder rod, this is a “Eureka” piece of kit which, having found it, I will not need to ever replace or “upgrade”
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    Default Re: Rod Quivers...

    I got a Gardner one about 15 years ago in one of the Coarse Fisherman subscription offers. I didn't use it for a long while but now use it for my river trips. I don't make up rods but just put two tubes in it for a couple of rods with the option of a pole, plus landing net pole and a bankstick - wouldn't take a brolly. It's very light and that suits me. I much prefer to make up a rod on the bank for many reasons, not least that match rods don't survive long carried made up - not with me involved, anyway!

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    I’m not sure of the make of mine but it’s probably 10yrs or so not showing any signs of wear yet. Puts up with all my abuse. Old fashioned sort has a couple of side pockets one for my brolly and landing net handle & in the other goes my bank sticks etc. In the main one I have a large cardboard postal tube, all my rods get put into there in their cloth bags.
    Personally I don’t see much benefit in carrying them made up.

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    I've a conventional Tricast holdall for rods in tubes, and a small Drennan quiver if I take one rod for chub to a little river.

    For taking two made-up rods for barbel fishing (I never fish with two, but I take options for open-water and snag swims) I've found this slightly unusual one excellent. It's a Nash Space Shuttle, bought cheap at some fishing show years ago and buried at the back of a shed. I dug it out and cut off yards of roll-up canvas. The two "holsters" hold the rod and reel securely, protect the reels from knocks and stop them flopping around as they do on most quivers. A central pocket holds net pole etc.

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