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    Default Bass double bill

    Hey guys , when I was camping in france a few weeks ago I managed to get out and try some lure fishing for both freshwater Black bass and sea bass.

    I found the fresh water bass loved a lure made by Illex called “chubby”. The seabass were harder to find but eventually got one on a luhr jensen “crippled minnow” casting jig.

    I’ve got a few days pike fishing at chew valley early next month so watch out for a new video!!

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    Nice place, that Ille de Re.
    I was camping there in July, and had a lot of Bass off the shore, including the spotted ones, but they were all small to very small. Best lure by a mile was a small metal jig.
    My neighbour on the campsite had a small RIB, and invitied me out one morning.
    We ran a couple of miles offshore to an area of rocky gullies and reef, and trolled a few plugs about. With no fuss, we had 4 decent Bass to about 5lb in couple of hours, so there are certainly some decent fish there.
    Nice video.
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    Hi bullet, I was told to fish last 2 hours before low tide and 1 hour on the flooding tide, when did you find you caught fishing?
    I was not massively impressed only catching 1 bass , however I’m not sure I was fishing a hotspot...... the terrain was screaming bass .
    Thanks for watching

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    Where i was, around Phare de Balleines, it seemed to fish best around the top of the tide, particularly when that was early morning.

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