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Thread: Fishrite

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    Does anyone remember this company?
    I came across some of their luggage in my garage clean out yesterday I had forgotten just how well made it was. Far better then some on the market now and it's now around 20 years old.
    I assume it went out of business a few years ago.

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    Default Re: Fishrite

    I have a dead bait bag of theirs that Graham Marsden gave to me and a rod/reel bag I bought, good quality.

    I have two Wychwood bags, a large carp type holdall and a small traveling bag, that I bought some 20-25 years ago before the Wychwood brand was bought out by Leeda. Amazingly, one of the gents that started the company, Bruce Vaughan, is now a good friend of mine. Funny how things work out...
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