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    My Missus is visiting old chums in Loughborough tomorrow and Im taking my fishing kit so I dont have to sit in the house all day listening to them rabbiting on. I know there is nanpantan resi in Loughborough. Is it any good for a short day session. Any sort of fish will do me. Some last minute help wouldnt go amiss. Anyone know any info ?

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    [img]/forum/smilies/sad_smiley.gif[/img] OK change of question: just to see if i get a reply.

    Im going to Nanpantan Reservoir and im taking a flask with me, what sort of flask is it best to take, and what should i put in it?

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    Watcha trev,my daughter is sat here with me,helping me out on the pc today.Here is what she has to say.She allwaysfavoursher flask with a picture ofdora the explora on it (it matches her lunch box).As for contents trev,she normally plumps for orange squash.

    I hope this is of some help mate???

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    mmm i like orange squash.

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