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    Default Speedia V Dettol

    Some may recall in a recent centrepin thread that I was going to try Dettol for some paint stripping, job done here is the outcome.

    A few befores

    pic upload

    The two halves of the reel were left to soak in Dettol for three days, I reckon it removed no more than half the paint.

    Something more aggressive was needed, Nitromors and 0000 wool with plenty of elbow grease removed the remainder of the paint. There’s quite a lot of corrosion and pitting on the castings, yet to decide whether to paint or leave in a natural state.

    Honed the pin and it spins a treat

    Going to fit a 3D printed arbour which is a few thou too wide and will need a quick bit of sanding and the jobs complete.

    Then decide whether to use it or sell it.
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