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    Default Re: Global warming? Oh no not again!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by bennygesserit View Post
    try doing the research with an open mind and you will come to a different conclusion - you have already made your mind up so nothing I say will change your mind
    Problem is that all that research comes down on one side or the other so you will always end believing one side or the other.

    What ever we say or do we have to face the fact that this planet is dying but it will exist long after we have all died off. It as happened in the past and it will happen again and we have no control over that. So enjoy it while you can nothing lasts forever.

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    Default Re: Global warming? Oh no not again!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by laguna View Post
    I'm an angler, an environmentalist, a conservationist, an heretic and a realist, what can I say.
    C02 is not responsible for global warming. That big orange thing in the sky is.

    Is the earth getting warmer? Probably. It's cyclic.
    Is it due to increased C02 levels? No. The biggest greenhouse gas is water vapour - caused by the sun - not by C02.
    So what's caused an increase in water vapour (and cloud)? That big orange thing in the sky!

    The climate has been changing since the earth was formed. We've had a couple of ice ages and we were once tropic. The earth will continue changing until the day the sun stops shining.

    I don't deny an increase in C02 levels, I haven't run the data. But I accept it's higher, I just don't accept the science behind what's being claimed by paid researchers.
    The increase in C02 levels could be due to a number of things such as large scale deforestation and emerging economies burning more carbon fuels than ever before... it is thought to be higher now to when it was during the industrial revolution when we had deep snow and hot summers. But even if you add China into the mix and others, the simple fact remains; C02 does not cause rising temperatures or acidification of our seas which average pH 8.2 - the chemistry simply doesn't add up.

    As fishkeepers we know for example that calcium carbonate acts as a buffer and prevents acidification and spikes.
    And again, the term 'bleaching' of coral reefs could be due to shifting weather patterns and pollution carried on currents around the globe. I read recently that most reef corals are dying due to pollutants and runoff. The hard coral substrates aren't dissolving in acid as some would have us believe, the life it supports (that is, the live animal) is simply dying - perhaps, due in part to an increase in anaerobic bacteria in direct relation to a decrease in aerobic bacteria in our oceans from pollutants and the efficiency in which removing nitrates and nitrites has become detrimental to a multitude of marine organisms.. The delicate 'balance' that breathes life into living rocks. Deep-sea corals (don't depend on warm water or sunlight) are also said to be dying go figure.

    The global warming movement has captured imaginations, earth system computer modelling have wrongly attributed C02 as the primary cause for what is a natural cyclic phenomenon as far as I'm concerned. Remember, those same paid experts in the 70's? they were preparing us for another ice age and now Greta has been put forward as their prodigy child in order to stifle that debate. She's being used by profiteers to further a Globalist agenda - politically driven based on pseudoscience by grant recipients - routinely manipulating data from earth system models (garbage in garbage out) and taxing everyone to pay for their private green vanity projects. Greta is every bit a victim like the rest of us in that respect.

    The real concerns we can all reunite around and agree on: habitat destruction, invasive species, plastic pollution, pesticides, GMO's, over-fishing, clearcutting, deforestation, destruction of whole eco systems (dredging), wildlife poaching, fracking, the list goes on..

    Merry Christmas to one and all!

    If it wasn’t for “the big orange thing in the sky” greenhouse gases wouldn’t be an issue. I’m in the global warming camp and think that the “big orange thing in the sky” is only half of the problem and we are the catalyst for other half.

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    Default Re: Global warming? Oh no not again!!!

    There's something comical but disturbing about climate change skeptics dismissing the overwhelming scientific consensus about the real-world developments we are witnessing as "paid experts", given the clearly documented history of the attempts to undermine public confidence in science by "science" emanating from conservative think-tanks funded by business money. There's more than a passing resemblance to the way the tobacco industries invested in "science" to bamboozle the public about the health risks of smoking. The conspiratorial view on global warming - "It's just what THEY want us to believe -" is transparently connected, in the main, to vested interests, and often adopted by those who think that dismissing the experts is somehow sticking it to the man.

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    Default Re: Global warming? Oh no not again!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by mikench View Post
    Can I just state for the benefit of Lambert1 and repeat what I have stated before in other posts , that human communication to be effective needs eye contact , facial expression and tone of voice. The written word can sometimes come across as tactless or blunt and can then be misinterpreted . I know this only too well from my own shortcomings.Having read this post from the beginning I agreed with your irritation at the dismissive description of Greta Thunberg and that her views and actions were less deserving because she was 15 and autistic. Nottskev did too, and, without putting print on the page/ words in his mouth, he wasn't being critical of you or referring to you as someone offended too easily. His posts, at least to me, made no such intimation at all and could not and should not be interpreted as such. There is thus a great irony in your last post which I'm sure you would not have intended. Nottskev doesn't need me to explain his actions as imo no explanation is needed. He was supporting you and this was palpably obvious from his posts.

    I suggest you reread the thread and hopefully think again and remain as a valuable contributor to the forum.
    Yes Mike guilty of the above and for over reacting in general. It is something I feel strongly about but that should not get in the way of reason. Kind regards to you and Kev.
    By the time a man realizes his Father was right, he has a son who thinks he's wrong.

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    Default Re: Global warming? Oh no not again!!!

    A lot more people read (and presumably believe?) the tabloids than serious newspapers or scientific journals. What incentive to change their behaviour do they have, when barely a week passes without another report from the likes of the Express of a "Giant Space ROCK" that's going to wipe us all out, whatever we do? Asteroid fears: NASA tracking 63,000mph Earth-bound space rock – impact ‘very possible’ | Science | News |

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    Default Re: Global warming? Oh no not again!!!

    It's Water Vapor, Not the CO2 - American Chemical Society

    Some more actual science stuff....

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    Default Re: Global warming? Oh no not again!!!

    Thanks for reminding me the Express is still out there. Here it is, in the words of Salford's greatest living poet.


    I’ve seen the poison letters of the horrible hacks
    About the yellow peril and the reds and the blacks
    And the TUC and its treacherous acts
    Kremlin money – All right Jack
    I’ve seen how democracy is under duress
    But I’ve never seen a nipple in the Daily Express

    I’ve seen the suede jack boot the verbal cosh
    Whitehouse Whitelaw whitewash
    Blood uptown where the vandals rule
    Classroom mafia scandal school
    They accuse – I confess
    I’ve never seen a nipple in the Daily Express

    Angry columns scream in pain
    Love in vain domestic strain
    Divorce disease it eats away
    The family structure day by day
    In the grim pursuit of happiness
    I’ve never seen a nipple in the Daily Express

    This paper’s boring mindless mean
    Full of pornography the kind that’s clean
    Where William Hickey meets Michael Caine
    Again and again and again and again
    I’ve seen millionaires on the DHSS
    But I’ve never seen a nipple in the Daily Express

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    Default Re: Global warming? Oh no not again!!!

    What a rag the Express and its ilk are .John Cooper Clarke I presume Kev.

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    Default Re: Global warming? Oh no not again!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by mikench View Post
    What a rag the Express and its ilk are .John Cooper Clarke I presume Kev.
    Correct, Mike.

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    Default Re: Global warming? Oh no not again!!!

    And you have to remember that very nearly half the people in this country are below average intelligence.....

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