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    I do most of my fishing at my local commercial complex for whichI have a season ticket, and enjoy loads. I enjoy the fact its a two minute drive away, and if I was sensible with my gear (which I'm not so I dont try) no more than a 20 minute walk. On occaision, I'll have a go at my local reservoir for pikebut as it has a"A" road straight through the middle of it (and not many pike) I dont go that often, but I did enjoy hacking through undergrowth, and not seeing another angler. But even then the roar from the M1 was still easily heard.

    I guess the fly fisher still has wild remote places laft to go in the UK, mainly in the highlands of scotland,but are there any places where you can still course fish and not see a soul (unless he was another idiot like me) and really go back to nature ? I know alot of folks will say mostrivers, but on the whole they'd be quite close to various human settlements and/or roads even if they arent heavily fished. And I wouldnt mind a longwalk !

    I thought maybe some of the drains in east anglia might be a bit more remote but has anyone any other thoughts ?

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    Where I live we have a lovely place to fish. It's an old part of the local river. Many years back the district council shut off a winding stretch and madea straight section to jointhe river back up. Not a lot know about this and when I've been the only thing to hear or see is nature. I only found this at the end of last year so i'm looking forward to hitting it hard this term. I've just had a thought, will this closed stretch be inlcuded when the river season ends? It's not flowing, it's like a bendy weird shape lake, but was once part of the river.

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    There is a lovely Lake near me (in Bristol) and when you fish it, it is rare that you will see another person, it isn't the widest of lakes (More thin and narrow) but its a quarter of a mile long. Th fish aren't huge, but it is a lovely place to be. It is on a caravan CL site, but once you move away from the lawn (max 6 vans) the rest of the lake is to yourself. Either side of the lake are fields, as far as the eye can see. You can't hear a soul, just the pleasant sounds of nature.


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    Ryan - I think I know the lake you are on about. I used to fish it years ago. Does it still have a large number of Rudd going? I never could get a decent method going to catch them and would maybe hit one in 7-8 bites.

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