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    Default Korum chair fix.

    I have one of the Korum deluxe chairs and I noticed that one of the hand wheels that you unscrew to raise and lower the chair back felt loose and didn’t work properly.
    So I’ve just had a look at it and there’s a round cover inset into the handwheel which is just a push fit, if you take that out inside there’s a Allen screw which holds the wheel to the screw that turns to open and close the mechanism, the screw had worked loose which was causing the problem.
    So while I had it dismantled I gave it a spray with some graphite oil, and then reassembled it and tightened the screw, works a treat now and I did the other side as well, which was starting to come loose also, tightened all other screws and bolts as well, it’s like a new chair now, and shouldn’t give any more problems.

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    Default Re: Korum chair fix.

    Had the same problem with my JRC Stealth chair. Same fix.

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    Default Re: Korum chair fix.

    I'll check mine when I can. Doh just remembered my chair has a fixed back. I carry a small bike spanner to tighten the nuts throughout as they do come loose.

    I did lose a nut and Korum sent me half a dozen free of charge so I keep a couple in my tackle box . I've had excellent warranty care from PI.
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