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    Quote Originally Posted by steve2 View Post
    I have been reading some of my old fishing books and none of them mention a pike close season in fact most fish all year round for pike. Does anyone know where the October 1st start date came from.

    Also in some they even use gaffs to land their carp because the nets were too small. They would now be hung drawn and quartered.
    It also seems that every fish no matter what was taken home with recipes for most fish.
    The other thing you find out is that most of our methods are far from being new just rediscovered.
    The closed season for coarse fishing in England was introduced in 1878. The legislation was called the Mundella act, it covered fishing in both rivers and stillwaters. There's some information on the history on this link:

    The River Close Season Debate

    The close season for coarse fish in stillwaters was abolished in about 1995. I understand the reason was that there was no scientific evidence to justify the close season on stillwaters.

    Need for the close season for coarse fish in rivers was reviewed by the EA in 2018/9. Anglers views were invited. The EA decided to continue with the close season in rivers, which covers the period 15th March to 15th June.

    A few Regions used to have a separate close season for pike, which started on the 1st October. I don't think the separate pike seasons exist any more.

    There's also some confusion in angling literature - some anglers refer to a pike season starting on the 1st October. But they aren't talking about a legally enforced season. They mean that the season traditionally started on the 1st October, when it was the custom for anglers to start winter pike fishing on and after that date.
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