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    Just wondered if any of you good folk out there can enlighten me a little regarding

    Tonbridge and District waters.

    I have just sent my forms off to join.....but if any of you guys have info.....especially for the River Medway sections I would be pleased to hear from you!!

    Many Thanks

    Tight Lines


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    Colin North, the one and only Guest


    I haven't belonged to it for a number of years now. My recollevtion of the Medway relates mostly to the area around 6 Arches and Heysden, which holds a reasonable head of good chub, bream, pike and silver fish. A friend of mine caught a couple of sea trout in the Heysden stretch, just above 6 Arches, a couple of years ago.

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    I was thinking of joining myself next season, they seem to have plenty of waters. This was the first club I joined as a child and I fished their waters for a few years as a youngster. Info would be a bit out of date these daysI am afraid.
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    Hi Lee,

    I've been a member of Tonbridge for a few years and the waters are very good value for your 35 membership.

    They own several lakes and ponds:
    Barden Lake (in Haysden Park) is the main focus for the carp boys and has fish to over 40lb. It is quite pressured in the summer but there is a good head of carp present. Also some good tench and bream and some very large pike. Boilies seem favourite for the carp - most cast to the islands but a few good-sized fish have come out of the margins. Pellets with feeder for the tench and bream and deadbaits in the margins for the pike.
    The Ballast Pit used to be the main carp lake for the club but, when it seemed likely that the club would lose it, the bigger fish were removed to Barden Lake. However, there are still some good tench and bream left. As of this year, the club has purchased the pit and are deciding on how it will be re-stocked.
    Haysden Lake on the other side of the A21 (also used by the local sailing club) provides easy sport for bream and silvers. Fishing is only allowed from part of bank and the rest is a nature reserve - the carp have a reputation for hanging out in the no fishing section.
    Longfield lake is a short walk along from Haysden Lake and has a reputation for big hauls of bream and tench.
    There are a couple of ponds: Fish Hall Lakes (small head of carp to mid-doubles and some tench to around 5lb) - these Lakes get choked by weed in the summer and also contain a very large head of small silvers and a lot of jack pike both of which can be a nuisance. Pippins farm is one that I have not yet fished but is supposed to have been stocked with tench, rudd and crucians.

    I spend most of my time on the club's rivers. It has fishing rights to long stretches of the Medway in and around Tonbridge and a stretch of the Eden. This season I've had carp to 14lb, tench to 5lb, chub to 5lb, bream to 7lb, roach to 1.5lb and perch to 1lb from the Medway. There are also some very large pike in the river and the bailiff has told me of the occasional small barbel. Fishing can be difficult at times, particularly in bright weather, so you do have to work at things - club matches, when there is a lot of bankside disturbance, are often won with only about 10lb. However, my best haul of bream and tench was around 40lb in about 3 hours - so when they are ready to feed they really go for it.

    All in all, and as I said earlier, its great to get all of this for only 35. I only go to a commercial for "therapy" if I've had a few tough sessions in a row, otherwise its the Tonbridge waters all the time.

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    Thanks alot matey!

    Appreciate the information...

    Just looking forward to getting my membership and wetting a line!!!


    Tight Lines


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    Great to hear that Lee.

    Happy to got do a session or two together in the new season if you want - I'm still learning but company would be great.


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    No problem mate..

    sounds good...

    Yeh..let's get together in the new season.....excellent idea....

    Really looking forward to fishing the Medway....It's been ages since I last did......

    as much as the commercials and carp are good.....I don't think you can beat river

    fishing for roach......fat chub........and bream......


    Be in touch


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    I see from one of your other posts, you are a bit of a match man. Had been thinking about entering some of the Tonbridge club matches myself next season (subject to permission from 'er indoors) - are you planning on doing so too? Never fished a match in my life (also never used a pole either) but think I could do reasonably well with rod and reel on the medway anyway.

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    Hiya matey

    Yes I do match fish and have done for quite a few years!!!! With a little bit

    of success here and there!!!! It justs make you think and work a little bit harder...

    Club matches are usually a lot less serious as well !!!

    Yes I may well try a few of the Tonbridge matches...Shifts and er indoors permitting!!!!!

    Wow.....Pole fishing is great!!! You will have to have a go!!!

    Got my membership and all the stuff today....So now a fully fledged member!!!

    Now where's my Diary!!!!!


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    Great news. Lets touch base come the new season. Meanwhile if you are on the rivers and lakes beforehand look out for a guy in an Aussie bush hat - that'll be me mate.

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