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    Default How to Take the Shine from New Line?

    Does anyone know of a simple way of removing the shine or glint from new reel line. I normally use a paste made from fullers earth and washing up liquid but maybe there is a better way? Thanks.

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    Default Re: How to Take the Shine from New Line?

    Come fishing with me, my failures will take the shine off most aspects.

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    Default Re: How to Take the Shine from New Line?

    Graham Marsden on here used to suggest taking the shine off Flurocarbon hooklengths by running it through fine emery cloth.

    Probably not so easy for a whole spool of mainline plus I never really liked the idea of rubbing the line down with anything. Someone may have a more practical solution. I imagine you could pre soak it in something.

    I would probably just try and switch to a more matt brand of line.
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    Default Re: How to Take the Shine from New Line?

    Just thinking aloud-soaking it would seem a more practical way but would whatever you were soaking it in seep through to the bottom of a tightly wound spool of new line? I have noticed when I run my line through a wad of mud for sinking purposes how it dirties and takes the shine of line. Could it be as simple as that, soaking it in a dirty solution of mud and water for 24 hours bearing in mind the first point.
    My second thought was one of those cheap dyes you can buy, I think some of them are just water based so maybe they could be diluted to the required level for this purpose. As I say, never tried it before, just thinking aloud. Maybe a bit of experimentation in jars with some small pieces first might help.
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    Default Re: How to Take the Shine from New Line?

    There used to be debates about removing the shine from line in fly fishing circles donkeys years ago. Three that I can remember were using one of those proprietary kitchen cleaners like Liquid Gumption a cloth as it’s slightly abrasive. Another one was using Brasso on a cloth. A final one was to get some of the finest steel wool, like that used by cabinet makers, and draw the line through it. Each of those can be used while spooling new line.

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