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    I don't mean to sound rude, but all the artricle does is show you how to fill a plastic bag with feed, and 2 different way of sealing the bag.

    Now I don't personally feel I need to be taught how to fill a bag with bait, does anyone else?

    Yeah you can sealthe bag in any manner of ways, but what the hell difference does it make? You could just lick your finger and run it along the edge, it'd seal it! Why f*ck around heat sealing it??

    I'm sorry but this just strikes me as daft, who on earth can't work out how to fill a bag of PVA with bait?

    There isn't even a mention of peircing the bag lots, because when the bags in the pics hit the water they are going to float! And if on a running rig end up miles away from the hook bait.



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    You may know precisely how to do it Paul but what about the angler that has never tried using bags as a method of introducing feed. Few of us start as experienced anglers and now how to use the various aids that are employed in our game and articles like this are one of the best ways for the beginner to learn.

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    Too right Graham, it's a pity that some experienced anglers can't understand that there was a time in their lives when they didn't know how to do something. Step by step illustrations may seem a bit OTT to do something pretty simple, but the beginner will certainly appreciate them.

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    Its actually a very good article and easily understandable.

    I dont think its possible to have too much information as simple to understand as this.

    PVA bagsare something that alot more people could try and use, i know that i only tried them for the very first time last year, i think i over filled them and they were hard to cast out, articles like this one help people do things better, and that can only be a good thing.

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    I fish from the boat alot in the summer and I'm thinking of using A4.....yes I said A4 size pvabags to get 2 kilos of particlesat a time down in a reasonablytight area.

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    I find the solid bags fiddly and any tips are always useful!
    I like the esp funnel web in the wider diameter though you can make good sized bags with these ,maybe worth a look if people struggle with the solid stuff.
    But you wont get two kilo bags out of it though sorry Tony.

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    A very good article, well done!

    I have only ever used the mesh and it is absolutely superb. Especially effective for an erratic caster and feeder as me.

    Iam wondering how well a bag of maggots prepared like theone in the pictures will cast? Hooking under a knot gives a bit of strength but a plain heat sealed bag doesn't fill me with confidence.

    Just another tip. After I tie the second knot to seal the bag/mesh, tie another knot close to it and snip in between them. It makes that first knot easier to tie and saves any waste.

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    I'm glad she's shown using solid PVA tubing rather than stocking stuff.

    I suggested this to a manufacturer last year and he poo-pooed the idea!

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    the mesh is undoubtabley the best PVA

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    <blockquote class=quoteheader>Clive Moore 2 wrote (see)</blockquote><blockquote class=quote>the mesh is undoubtabley the best PVA</blockquote>

    Not for maggots, it isn't.

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