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    My "Free fishing Video" thread has been blocked, I think an explanation is in order, I have certainly not offended anyone, and to my knowledge have not broken any forum rules, can someone please clarify this issue, even a private message or e-mail would do.

    Yours faithfully, Boring Bob.

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    Baz (Angel of the North) Guest


    You have been sniffed out by the Witch Finder Generals Bob.

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    My aim is to make this the single most boring thread on the entire internet Baz, I will need the help of my fellow posters to achieve this, the good news is,there are plenty of people on here that areeminently qualified , in fact many of them are what is termed nowadays as "over qualified", taking boring toa new dimension.

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    have you not youtubed your vid bob?

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    What a good idea Macca!

    What format do you suggest then?

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    You have been blocked for misrepresentation, you labelled yourself as "Boring" when your post clearly get interest - this contravenes article 5 of FM code of practice and also article 7 of the Geneva convention.

    I refer you to the case of Alfred "Dinky little one" Buttersway V the Crown

    Alfred told several ladies his gentleman's equipment was a "Dinky little one" and in no would they be injured if they agreed to have sex with him, when he had in fact got the equivalent of a large family loaf between his legs.

    The ladies needed medical treatment after sleeping with Alfred and one was left so badly damaged if she ran anywhere it sounded as if a seal was clapping it's flippers in her pants

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    PaSC Junior Development Officer ><((((°>

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    IMHO, threads should not be locked, the offending post should be deleted.

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    Hovis or Tesco home brand? was it a large uncut or a bloomer? heaven forbid it was a Tiger loaf, these are particularly vicious , leaving claw marks and scratches in the most unholy of places, an ordinary man would be no good for a strumpet after she has indulged in that nasty little practice, she would not even look at you twice, click this link for more info;

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    ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one) Guest


    It's impossible for this to be the single most boring thread -- that already exists HERE

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