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    What's your best tip for keeping warm when fishing? Do you have a favourite set of clothes that you swear by?

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    mike smith Guest


    Hello All,

    I have no problem keeping warm with regards to winter woolies, but how do you keep your hands warm?
    The obvious answer is gloves, I know, but I find gloves a pain when I get a run whilst piking and they refuse to come off.

    Has anyone found a handwarmer that works?

    Is the 'cover your hands in vaseline' thing an old wives tale or a wind up?



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    Andrew Calvert Guest


    I've spent a fortune on winter fishing clothes but my favourite 'piece' is an army surplus sleeping bag I bought for 20 ten years ago. With thermal bib and brace trousers, moonboots and a fleece on I can belt the sleeping bag around the waist, remove the bottom section, and velcro the end of the arm holes. When I get a run in the middle of the night I've got legs and arms immediately available and I've fished/slept in temperatures of -10 degrees centrigrade like this.

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    martin BATEY Guest


    Put some plastic bread bags over your socks then your wellies. Be warned it gets pretty hot down there.

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    My favourite tip for keeping warm is - stay by the fire....Seriously though, it is an important criteria for winter fishing. I'm off tonight and will be wrapped up well with layers of clothing. I have a Sundridge all-in-one plus thermal boots and neoprene socks and gloves. Also, a very important consideration is a hat. Most warmth is lost through the head...particularly of you're like Brummie Williams and don't have much inside your skull to preserve the heat....Good article Brummie, by the way...but I noticed you had to rely on Graham and Dave Colclough to provide the bulk of fish holding pictures...whassa matta..on a run of blanks or something?

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Mike, I have some neoprene fingerless gloves, which give the advantage of a glove but leave the fingers free for fiddly work. There is also a flap that you can pull across during times of inactivity (which I have been known to have from time to time) which them envelope your fingers, keep them warm

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    I used to just stuff my hands in my pockets and grin and bear it but I nicked some special shooting gloves off a mate last year which are pretty nifty - they're fingerless but have a thermal flap which flaps over,turning them into mitts. Easy to pull off when rebaiting, casting etc (ever tried casting with braid wearing gloves..?); kep fingers warm when sitting around doing nothing.

    I always take a small stove in the winter to brew tea, soup etc on; even if I'm only doing a couple of hours.

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    Paul Williams Guest


    Slydge, you know i ain't got a scanner and you know you have to send in my photo's and you know i would never do anything to upset you? thats why Graham filled in with some of his and Daves pics, i didn't want to bring in all those pics off all those huge fish i have had during the last couple of weeks, i just couldn't do it to old mucka.

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    Paul Williams Guest


    On a serious note i said in the article that my waterproof onepiece was also a floatation suit, has any one else used them and put them too the test? the label inside say's test it every year, i presume they want me to jump in, how else do we test them?

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    No problem with testing your suit, Brummie, next time we're out fishing together, it will be my great honour and privilege to throw you in.

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