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    Anybody know where I can buy a reasonably priced fixed spool reel for my fledgling specimen hunter (5 years old)?

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    EC Guest


    Does it have to have a baitrunner mate? If not I'd go for a closed face model!

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    Dunt have to be a baitrunner EC but I would like him to get to grips with fixed spools early 'cos if you think about it, most fishing is done with one....he's 8 actually, not 5; senior moment!!

    Whilst on the subject of kids and reels, my daughter (12 years old) learnt to fish with a multiplier and had only one bird's nest during an entire days fishing (proud dad!)

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    When I was that age I had an Intrepid Black Prince, no longer in my possession [img]/forum/smilies/crying_smiley.gif[/img].

    Then I graduated to a Mitchell 321, which did me well for the next ten years and more, and which I still have in my possession.

    While that one has sentimental value for me and I would never let it go I did buy and repair another 321 off fleabay not so long ago (you know how it is, it may come in handy for spares etc) and which is now in good working order. Your young 'un would be welcome to it with my best wishes if you think that might suit ? Not new, not flashy and a name that's out of date, but pretty rugged and foolproof and with gearing that just doesn't give up. PM me if you'd be interested.
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    The Shimao Nexave 1000 RA would seem to be ideal they also do this size in the even cheaper ranges but this range has the nicest drag.

    Failing that there is a chap on the dreaded fleabay who does a little beauty for a tenner plus about 4quid postage from hong kong I have one and it is a little cracker front drag and about 9 ball races but no spare spool though.

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    Tony, I've got hundreds of reels in my garage, many suitable for the little one. Send me a mail and you are wlecome to come and get one for him.


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    Just like to take this opportunity to thank Windy and Don for their kind offer to give young Cummings a reel.

    Windy, because Don kives so close to me (ten minutes away...its a small world innit!!) I'll decline your offer to post a reel out to me but good on ya for offering mate[img]/forum/smilies/smile_smiley.gif[/img].

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    Geoff Cowen Guest


    Shakespeare do several small reels; the Ambidex mini and the Pflueger the latter being the reel I got for my grandson a bit expensive at £40 but very good. Shimano also do several small reels.

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