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    1st, do you like winter fishing?

    2nd, would you prefer it to be summer?

    3rd, reasons to prefer winter fishing?

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    Baz (Angel of the North) Guest



    2...Summer's a pain. Too many sunshine/fairweather anglers, walkers, moochers about.

    3...Less anglers about.

    If there was a 4th choice, I would prefer early Spring or Autumn.

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    1. Yes I enjoy a nice walk along the river in the winter. The cold air biting the inside of your nose.

    2. For the warmth, the sounds of the birds, the green of the trees, the hum of the bees, yes sometimes.3. Not too many people to spoil the solitude. The better swims are less likely to be occupied. The wife is definitely not willing to come along [img]/forum/smilies/wink_smiley.gif[/img]
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    Difficult - both ahve there plus and minus point - can I opt for a nice Spring morning or an Autumn evening?

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    I love it ,if i can get fish interested i am intense in my concentration even if its a modest net at the end it gives me a good feeling to have overcome hard conditions.

    Winter /summer different ball game but still fishing and i love it all
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    jesus....winter is not that fun to me......although i know a lake that is day ticket but i only saw two other people on it the whole last summer, i owned all three lakes and did what i wanted, all in the warmth of the summer sun and the fishing was very good.

    lucky me

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    john conway (CSG - ACA) Guest


    Same reasons as Baz

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    Tomorrow, I shall be out on a chilly upperKennet, with snow crunching under foot,after a roach in its most splendid condition.

    For me the revolving seasons highlight what I enjoy most about fish and fishing. And that is to specifically target the species that is best flourishing atthe specific time of year.

    This is the bit that the 'dry man' or non-angler is often so surprised at... "what? so you're saying that you 'know' you're going to catch a perch just because the river's clear, its been cloudy for days,and its autumn?"

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    I used to go fishing in the worst of weathers and still catch fish and enjoy myself.
    I even remember night fishing for Carp in the depths of winter when the water was
    freezing over and at about 4am my buzzer sounded but my line was frozen to my rod and the optonic sounded because my line was stuck in drifting ice however I still enjoyed it. But I wouldn't enjoy it nowerdays though.
    I would much rather be fishing in the spring or autumn after Tench, Crucians or Carp
    on a quiet private lake or Barbeling or Chubbing on nice stretch of river in the spring
    or autumn.
    I'm afraid I've turned more into a warm weather angler, I still fish in the winter but I am
    constantly yearning for the spring and autumn.

    Maybe if I fished more crowded waters I might think differently, but I doubt it.
    Happiness is fish shaped (It used to be woman shaped but the wife is getting on a bit now)

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    I would but isn't the weather the same in summer as in winter, spring and autumn? [img]/forum/smilies/tongue_out_smiley.gif[/img]most places i go fish better in the summer, i can fish for longer, though yes those "fairweather" folk are annoying as are the "have you caught anything?" band

    Getting out over christmas when the boring family are round and knowing noone is daft enough to want to come along with me haha

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