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    i didnt want to post another thread like this, as i find they get mostly ignored and pop up all the time, so sorry.

    BUT, i would really like to know what size reel (shimano baitrunner to be specific) you would use for a barbel/specimen rod. the rod i will use it for is a greys prodigy specimen, 1.5 and 2lb tips. anyway, i am considering one of shimanos cheaper BR's i.e. the RE orST's, as i cant afford to step it up to the "NICE" models[img]/forum/smilies/sad_smiley.gif[/img]. i feel these look alright and will probably stand up to some floater bashing well. i was thinking the 4000 or 5000 size?????? to match/balance withthe rod nice, which is good and slim. not quite sure though.

    any recommendations will be appriciated, cheers!

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    Go for the 5000 size, most folks do.

    I have 6000 size shimanos for my barbel fishing, but only because I got them for £52 each. I have Greys Prodigy rods too and would be perfect with 5000.
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    cheers, just thought, you cant get 4000 size shimanoBR's can you?! should think and check before i post.....BERK![img]/forum/smilies/embarassed_smiley.gif[/img]

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    Matt, have you got prodigy barbels, with the 6000's, would you say that 5000 would suit me better????

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    Fred Bonney Guest


    5010 is the one i use.

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    Yes Clive.

    Like I say, I bought the 6000s because they were a bargain, but 5000s would be better.
    PaSC Junior Development Officer ><((((°>

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    I also use 5010s though the slipping clutches leave a lot to be desired

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    5010, what are they??????? just a little bigger than 5000's. sorry i havenot reallyresearched or notedsizes and measurments etc except test curve[img]/forum/smilies/i_dont_know_smiley.gif[/img]

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    Clive for 5010's read 5000. When Shimano first made the baitrunner they came in sizes labeled 4010, 5010, 6010 and 8010. They have since 'rounded' down the model number.
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    <blockquote class=quoteheader>Matt Corker wrote (see)</blockquote><blockquote class=quote>

    Yes Clive.

    Like I say, I bought the 6000s because they were a bargain, but 5000s would be better.</blockquote>

    I'm with Matt; get 5000's (or 5010's)but don't turn down 6000's if they'reat the right price...don't pay more than &pound;35 for RE's and they want to be in good nick for that. If your patient you will pick up a GTE for &pound;40 - &pound;50 quid...a much better reel.

    I've just got hold of a Grey's barbel rof myself Clive (twin top 1.25 / 1.75lb tc); not had a fish on it yet but I've heard they have a nice action.

    I've used a pair of 5010's for the last ten or so years with no problems...through necessity (budgetary restraints like yourself!)used the same reels to fish for barbel, pike and carp.

    Teamed with the Grey's rod you'll have a nice river set up there Clive...enjoy![img]/forum/smilies/hot_smiley.gif[/img]

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