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    I've just visited the Chub website and there appears to be no way of downloading the catalogue at present (unless I'm missing something).

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    Cakey Guest


    I thought it was me ................I tried 10 times

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    Cakey Guest


    I e-mailed them reply 24 hrs later

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    John H Member of THE C.S.G.. & The A.T. Guest


    From my recent experience when I called in at Hardy's (Alnwick) last Saturday I'm hardly surprised Cakey.

    I was looking to get some decent waterproofs and possibly a new chub and or barbel rod. The customer service was non existent; plenty of staff but they were allfartoo interested in talking to their mates (a typical tackle shop in fact) Sadly Hardy's world image is not reflected in its staff. By Royal Appointment? HRH can keep it.

    For all they knew I could have had £2k-£3k to spend.

    Hardy, Greys and Chub were threecompanies who did not even have the courtesy to reply last year when I wrote askingforprize donations for the raffle the CSG holds every AGM, the proceeds going to the (then) ACA. Not all I wrote to didgive adonation but at least they replied.

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    Cakey Guest


    Im buying Korum now....................

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    Cakey Guest


    the only part of the site that seems to work properly is the testimoniwatsits

    my complaint is in there

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