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    Hi, I know this is probably a silly post but if you thought you had an idea that would be very useful and profitable in the pike fishing world, how would you go about getting it to market. I think I've come up with a half decent new product, but beyond that I haven't a clue.



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    I imagine the first thing you should do is patent it if you're 100% sure it is a good idea.
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    The first thing to do is not tell anyone what the idea is, once the idea is in the public domain it is not possible to patent it.

    Do not go to one of the patent companies that advertise on the TV they will rip you off, they will charge you for each step of the patent process even if they really think your idea is **** and won't make any money .

    If you approach a tackle company then get them to sign a confidentiality agreement. Be very careful as a patent just gives you the right to take to court the people who infringe it. This will be at your own expense, though you may have paid a fortune to patent an idea or invention, the protection is your responsibility.
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    See a lawyer with experience in Patent Law, they will outline the procedure.

    Register your Patent and any Copyright.

    Find an investor who will fund the development and manufacture of the product, or sign a license agreement with an existing manufacturer.

    Good Luck Richard!

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