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    Has anyone got any more information or have a view on this for Mark?

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest



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    I have heard for years about the roach fishing in the city centre, never been mind you.

    Salford Quays on the Manchester Ship canal is alive with cormorants, and only a mile as the crow flies from the Irwell.

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    Its not just the Irwell.

    Its all over the Greater manchester area and no doubt further afield. There is also goosanders and mink. Both rivers and stillwaters alike. I don't know the full effect of this predation or how widespread it is, but local to me in the Rochdale area some clubs have had to take measures against cormorants and goosanders by putting lines across the waters on stillwaters.

    One local laek near me, which is free to fishhad a report of 27 goodanders on it. Locals say there is no small fish left in it. My local club reckon they have lost over 500lb of fish in the last year.

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    I've seen plenty of them in the Quays and we get lots on the canal at the back of Kelloggs where I work. The old barge cutting at our place is stuffed full of fish where the birds can't get to thembut I never see much activity on the cut any more and even fewer anglers. The Mersey in Urmston where I fished 5 or 6 years ago is the same. It used to be good for 40lb on the stick or feeder but my last two trips were complete blanks. Lots of cormorants though and they do move around a lot.
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    While this is a hot topic and a controversial one at that, I am wondering at what point any balance is going to kick in?

    What do I mean?

    Well looking back at other attempts to restore balance by culling, is it a sure road to success? I don't know. I would guess that the Cormorants and Sawbills are there as much because of the depradation of their natural coastal resources as the discovery of new food sources in the river systems etc and better management of these coastal systems would probably be of more long term benefit than a cull, just not very likely I suppose given the generally blinkered approach the politcal class have to this sort of thing.

    But when is the natural balance going to start to show? I mean you can't have huge roach shoals being devoured by swarms of birds indeffinately, once the Roach are gone surely the birds will fail too as the food source becomes unable to support them?

    I am not trying to persuade to any viewpoint here, I just wondered about how the cormorants can continue in numbers without fish to feed on?

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    thanks for your comments boys looks like cormorants are here to stay though.

    we are fishing the mersey at the moment and thats got em too i can see it going the same way as the irwel. shame

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    Very sad Mark ,I regularly fish near the ship canal and I have seen many of these birds over the last couple of years also ,alot seemed to be heading straight up the canal like a route finder I thought they were going to the canal and quays which seemed to have revived and have never thought of the Irwell getting decimated .Interestingly Ihave fished the tributaries and had found the fishing to be exellent but the coarse fish have never settled really ,rare creatures.

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    the canal and the quays are a lot deeper than the main river i think that offers some form of protection. funny thing though. on the ribble fish are tending to stay in 1 to 2 feet of water and lots of cormorants there too. maybe they cant fish so effectively in shallow water

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    Also forgot to mention a story in the local paper were ea stated the stocks were taken from a lake by cormorants Crompton lodges .That is in a urbanised area and very busy if they have hammered that then no were is safe .I have to say I was suprised that cormorants were to blame in this instance but it was the ea who said it was .

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