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    MarkTheSpark Guest


    Just a quick post to draw your collective attention not to my short news piece but to the implications of the angling closure at Foremark. As the article explains, I think this will send its ripples into every water with public access.

    Please sign the Angling Trust petition

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    I've read it Mark, following the outcome with interest.

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    Just a dig at angling

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    EC Guest


    We live in an agewhere there isincreasing pressure for people to take out privatelitigation when accidents/injuries occur. "No win no fee" is now the order of the day. ST like every other council are covering their ar5e for what might happen, and this is to be expected.

    Is one way around this issueforevery angler to have 3rd party accidentinsurance, included in some form of licence? That might swell the Angling Trust numbers, justa little!

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    What would happen if you hit someone with a lead no jokes.

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    Sorry but this is not a test case at all.

    Hertfordshire Council banned Angling from one bank at Aldenham Res, a number of years ago.

    An Angler, who had not paid for his day ticket was pike fishing, as he went to cast he caught a passerby with the lure, Fishing banned from the bank.

    Wouldyou be ableto have an area fenced off, so Joe public can still walk around, but don't get in the way of anglers at the same time. As I have not fished there I don't know, that's why I am asking.

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    you wouldthink they would have thesense to stay away from you but they dont .

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    It is the responsibility of the angler to ensure that nobody can be injured by his actions. STW would be vicariously liable for such injuries, by allowing the angler to fish on their property.Therefore they are taking a reasonably practicable measure to reduce their public liability, and hence their insurance costs.

    Sorry lads, but common law will win every time.

    As anglers we need to be aware of our surroundings and that includes numpties who walk around us when we are casting. If the fish can't see our super hightech fluorochlorocarbon mega hooklength, what chance have the public?

    As for Foremark, I seem to remember warning signs on the dam wall about anglers casting, back in the early nineties. Have they disappeared?

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    Same as golf I suppose

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    There are notices on the dam at Grafham telling the public there is no access yet they still wander along and stand behind anglers. There are notices telling them to beware of anglers back casting and yet they still wander along and stop behind anglers.

    It has been said that Severn Trent have always been on the nervous side when dealing with supposed H&S issues..

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