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    Most of us will have more rods and reels than we actually need - so if you where just to keep what you need what would that be based on your angling style.

    Well I'm mostly a pleasure angler so I'd need a light feeder and a medium feeder rods, light 13ft float rod and a power float rod, and 2 reel with spare pools for the feeders and 2 reels and spare spools for the float rods. Also a centre pin reel for the rivers

    Then as an occasional carp angler I'd need 2 carp rod 2.5tc and 2 free spool reels

    My pike fishing - the odd session - I'd need 2 carp rod 2.5tc and 2 free spool reels

    and a lure rod for lures with a multiplier reel.

    Travel rod for holidays

    So looking at my gear that would be:

    The light bomb rod and one reel

    1.75tc avon barbel rod (use for medium feeder and power float rod with avon top) and 1 reel

    Same rods and reels for carp and reels for pike fishing plus lure rods and multiplier

    13ft light float rod and centre pin

    1 travel rod

    So what could go:

    1 lure rod

    1.25 tc avon rod

    1.75tc barbel rod

    1 medium feeder rod

    12ft power float rod (bought new)

    10ft power float rod (bought 2nd hand)

    9 ft carp margin rod ( bought second hand)

    1 telescopic travel rod and reel (bought for £5 second hand)

    11m pole not used for last 2 years

    6m whip

    10ft Kingfisher rod - bought when I was starting back fishing and kept as a guest rod for a non angling mate's occasional use(he's not using any decent stuff)

    Yellow fibre glass spinning reel - given to me by someone

    Several reels - not sure how many

    So you can see I've not got the mountains of tackle some (most) of you have, but I've only been back to angling for about 6 years so I'm still getting my gear together, and the above tat I've said I don't need is not going to be disposed of, merely added to.

    Now the rods I've kept might not be ideal for every situation and I know there will be those who must have a flood water barbel rod and another for small snag free river and another for a large river.

    And some carp anglers who need at least 3 rods in all the tcs and spod rod and marker rod.

    But what rods do you really need and what could you dispose of?

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    Sean Meeghan Guest


    If I reeealy had to pare it down I'd limit myself to my Shakespeare Omni telescopic spinning rod, my Cardinal C4 reel with spools of 10lb 6lb and 4lb line.

    Being a bit more sensible :

    My Garbolino Carp Match rod

    My Shimano light feeder rod

    My Shimano beastmaster travel spinning rod

    My Korum Neoteric Twin tip

    My Airflo 6/7 fly rod

    Ideally I'd like a reel for each of them, but at a pinch my C4 and one of my Diawa bait runners plus a fly reel.

    That would make tidying my garage easier!

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    A 13ft float rod

    A light ledger rod

    As above but with a bit more `whoomph`-that`s a technical term for test curve

    And when my tackle was stolen it just happened that a couple of my old Mictchel reels were elsewhere andso I justbought an Abu closed face to replace my Crac.

    I do own a pole-but it seldom saw the light of day

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    Trouble is I just keep adding when my head says stop -

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    Trouble is I just keep adding when my head says stop -Hello my name is Stephan and I`m a rodaholic-I too had that problemBut I split with the girl whose father was in the trade[img]/forum/smilies/big_smile_smiley.gif[/img]

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    hello I'm Poshers - I'm a tackleoholic and I'd like that girl's phone number please Stephan.

    Also if Fingers O'Loot the well known Rotherham Canary burgler would like to get in touch; for an extortionate fee I'll reveal the security plans of Furkham Hall - enabling m'lud to put in place the scam to replace all his tackle with even better gear thanks to the insurance policy with AIG. ******..ignore those last few words.
    He is every other inch a gentleman.

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    "Most of us will have more rods and reels than we actually need "

    Nope, I'm not 'going there' in case any of my ex-wives are reading this.

    However, as my eldest Son is a VP with AIG I'll pass-on your 'tip' for future reference . . .

    Scholars have long known that fishing eventually turns men into philosophers.

    Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to buy decent tackle on a philosopher's salary. ~

    Patrick F. McManus

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    I dont need all the tackle you lads use!....I mainly cadge it off Sean to be honest!

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    Ages ago I decided I had every rod I could possibly need...yet I've still managed to buy 2-3 a year every year since.It is never enough...I must have more.

    And nowhere amongst all these is a single carp rod of which I am immensely proud !

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    I need every single rod that I have including the 2 I bought the year before last & forgot about without using. If every woman in the land can never have enough shoes, I think that it is impossible to have too much fishing tackle, too many golf clubs, enough power tools .......................etc

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