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Thread: feeder?

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    whats a simple feeder rig. for a commercial fishery??
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    A running feeder rig, i find is clean, simple to use and easy to set up.

    Thread a link swivelon to your main line, then thread on a rubber bead (i use drennan ones) then tie the main lineon to a swivel (i use a 6 turn grinner knot to attach the main line to the swivel) then you can just simply attach your feeder to the link swivel clip, this allows you to change the size of your feeder as and when you want to.

    Make a few casts until you have got the distance that you want, then clip your mainline in to the line clip on your reel,then simply tie your hooklength to the other end of the swivel that is tied to your main line.

    I hope this is easy enough for you to understand.

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