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    Whilst a seal cull may well be a part of the answer to sort out diminishing cod stocks .
    I propose that a cull of commercial fishermen of all nations would be even quicker and more effective in stopping the problem.:-)

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    Ron Clay Guest


    We had the same problem in South Africa. The Bunny Hugging Do Gooders have been responsible for the demise of many of our most valuable food fishes by insisting that seals are not culled. Of all the animals on this earth, seals do the least to justify their existance, along with cormorants and rats of course. Mind you their fur does make quite good dubbing for trout flies.

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    peter webber Guest


    Well said alan down my way (kent) you can see trawlers working right up close to the shore craping up the bottom with there nets. In some plases you can cast out to them from the shore at times.
    Then there is the gill nets left out for days that kill fish that are under size. Nets that are court up on wrecks and because they don't rot thay are there for good and are killing fish all the time.
    I don't think seals are the problem its man.

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    steve baker Guest


    Seals are not the problem, its man. There are plenty of other fish and the preasure that is being put on cod stocks at the moment is unsustainable and before long they are going to be very rare. Remember there was a time when sturgeon were common in the river Thames. if over fishing isnt stopped cod are going to be a fih of the past. 10 years without fishing for them is all that it would take. How selfish can we be for a food item that is a luxury?

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    Today the relevant EU body is sitting to decide on fish quotas for the coming year.
    I wonder whether they will have th courage to declare a moritorium on North sea fishing before it is too late.
    My own view is pessimistic but we need to tie up the trawlers for a few years to give the fish a chance.
    Other industries have been shut down in the past. Fishermen should be compensated
    and then retrained to do something different untill we need fishermen again.

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    Leon Foreman Guest


    I agrree with Ron that sometimes the buny huggers do get things wrong. But commercial fisherman arent blameless as well as goverment bodies that allow other country's vesssels to fish in foreign waters. On the subject of seal culling however the following that mihjt ineterst you. We have a verry large collony on teh west coast in the Cape province. Now that the great white shark is a protected specie they sort of manage the culling for us in that reagion. This however had brought in some new problems with spear fisherman that also dive in the same waters. They have the right to kill the shark if their life is treathened however. Well I guess now that is painting a picture for a true disaster on the horizon. Who is going to win? Bets any one?

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