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    Peter Waller Guest


    Go to

    Look through the anti-establishment bias and accept the facts as facts. Check 'em out if you wish, but they are, I believe, correct.

    Then ask yourself if its wise for anglers to link, in any way, with the CA. If you feel strongly that the CA is bad news then let your club secretary know, especially if your club is linked to the NFA or the SAA or the NAA.

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    Inspector Cludeo Guest


    Hells Teeth Peter!!! You have far to much energy in the close season,chasing around the forums stirring the brown smelly stuff.

    Why didn't you go to the SAA meeting last Sunday and put your case directly to them and listen to what they had to say about the C.A. I notice that Mr Roe invited you to come down. Why didn't you go? what are you afraid of?

    You might well have learned something that would have made you realise that this current set of posts on various forums is particularly stupid as they are way ahead of you.

    Now for all of our sakes get involved properly and not just stand on the sidelines moaning!!!!!!!!!

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    john conway Guest


    Inspector Cludeo, before you have a go at anyone’s comments, how about using your own name?

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    I reckon the butler did it.

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    john conway Guest


    I’ve just read the Corporate Watch information on the Countryside Alliance and I got the impression that they are as equally dubious regarding there stance when it comes to curtailing angling activities. Their selectivity of the information posted on this site could quite equally be said no doubt about some of our angling organisations, we are after all a good cross section of society and as such, with a bit of selective filtering, we could all be dubbed as Marxist, Communist, Socialist, Liberal, Conservative or Fascist. However, the one thing you can say with probably certainty is that to a man the Countryside Alliance is not anti-angling, something you couldn’t about Corporate Watch?

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    Jon Moores Guest


    John - The diary section of the corporate watch site backs up you view I think. It gives the dates of events like Anti Angling Week.

    That said what does their story really show about the CA? That it is professionally run, well financed, has a firm structure, is PR savvy, presents it’s case well and is very well connected. Just like angling organisations - NOT

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    Rupert Stephenson Guest


    i shoot , fish and generaly enjoy the countryside , i have been on both rallies in london to support FIELDSPORTS right to freedom , no i'm not a fox hunter , but i can tell you from the run ins i have had with many antis that fishing is also on their agenda , to them you and i are scum , just like the hunters .

    i think we should all stick together even if you don't really like hunting , for if we are divided then we are easy pray.

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    Mar 2005
    herts/bucks border


    Well said Rupert.

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    mark norris Guest


    Like Rupert Stephenson,I have marched and rallied and also like him have had various run ins with the anti`s,particularly in the Lee Valley park(the main reason I no longer fish there).Angling is high on their agenda of "things to ban"and if we all maintain our usual rampant apathy we will wake up one fine morning with no fishing available

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