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    They might not have much impact on fish stocks but canoes and other craft certainly have a lot of undesirable impact on fishing.

    The boaters could help the matter a hell of a lot if they just learned a few good manners by moving across to the other side of the river and slowed down.

    And what about the impact to the environment caused by the wash from these would-be wind-surfers?

    And the impact to wildlife that nests in the reeds, etc?

    If it was anglers causing just half the amount of damage to the environment and wildlife we'd be making headlines in Catchpole's column.

    Am I right or not?

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    Paul Houghton Guest


    You are absolutely right, it is much the same on the rivers and canal with motor boats. Anglers are accused of causing distress to fish, by the very same people that erode the banks in their boats and leave the local angling clubs to repair the damage. Of course a lot of our canals would still be in a state of neglect without canal enthusiasts, however the actions of many other water users is detrimental to the environment and the worst thing is they are unaware of the fact too.
    In angling's defence we are aware that we have a responsibility to the environment and in my view give more back than we take out, I just wish that this could be understood by the anti-s, the government and the various other agencies.

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    Andy Davis Guest


    Justa quick point, in the article you say that caneoist don't pay a fee for using the water...I used to canoe on the Basingstoke Canal and had to buy a permit, and I also had a season ticket for the fishing. What really annoys me is the speed at which some boats travel

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    One of the clubs I belong to, Newport AA, own the freehold rights to a prime several mile long stretch of the river Wye around Symonds Yat. But it is pointless trying to fish it during the summer months due to the sheer volume of canoes and other craft on the water.

    Lines frequently get snagged by boats and the main problem here is that the majority are holiday makers that haven't got a clue about how to control their craft or any idea of etiquette.

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