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Thread: Safe Rigs

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    Phillips Jerry Guest


    Could someone tell how any rig with a braid hook lenth is a safe rig. A braid hook lenth will be much stronger than your mainline if using Mono, a small nick in the line and your lossed fish will be towing yards of Mono behind it.

    If I am using a pice of candle as a surface controller ie main line threaded through the candle trapped by floatstops and a small swivel to which I tie my hooklenth (lower B S than mainline) is this considered a safe rig ?

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    Yes Jerry your candle method is quite safe as the hooklength would break first (at one of the knots normally) and the lost fish would not be towing yards of mono behind it attached to a candle.

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    Phillips Jerry Guest


    I saw a line test in a mag and was surprised to see how many times the line parted,but not at the knot which has got me thinking about so called safe rigs .

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    A rig can only be so safe, despite taking all acceptable precautions there is always the unexpected or unpredictable event.

    Even using a lower breaking strain hooklength for example - what happens if the mainline rubs against a submerged sharp object and snaps?

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    If using new lines that you are not familiar with then check the breakingstrain as most are no where near what is indicated. Usually a lot higher.

    So you can think you are using a lower breaking line were in fact you are using stronger.

    Genral rule of thumb is to use a hooklength o 1/3 the main line.

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    Dave Slater Guest


    You can get braid hooklink material in lower breaking strains, e.g. Kryston Silkworm 4lb b.s. My favourite used to be Spiderwire 5lb b.s. but it is not available any more. I have managed to get some 6lb b.s. though

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    Phillips Jerry Guest


    Have you tried breaking it ? tie a pice to a swivel tie your mainline to the other end ,which broke first ?

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    it should be safe enough.

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