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Thread: Pole Fishing

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    Hey i have recently got my pole elasticted with a size 8 elastic..

    Im new to pole fishing and going to try my pole out tomro (Friday) i would like to no the best advice for me as a newcommer. Also what size fish can i take upto on a size 8 elatic and what size line as were im fishing has some big carp in but i dont want to go for carp to start with as i have never used a pole before..

    One more question i am going down south caping at a place called dears glade i went there last year and had a nice carp on the rod which took me round the pond a few times Light tackle eh? Lol. and i was woudering what size elastic should i get put on my power top for that day??

    Size 14 maybee?? Cheers

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    Best advice on pole elastics would be in your local tackle shop where they will help you with the right sizes & fittings ie. bungs,connectors,ect.

    Hope that helps

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    Ok thanks yeah i got my pole elasticated at aldin grange were im going fishing at so. Just looking around.

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    Laurie Harper Guest


    For general silver fish work, I'd suggest no 4. No 8 should be OK for fish up to 4-5 lbs, but a bit hefty for smaller silvers.

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    Whati use for a rule of thumb when pole fishing is what ever the size of the elastic i am using(for example size 8) i would use anything up to half of that for a mainline so it would be 4lb that way i know that the line will snap before the elastic does, so long as the elastic isn't badly worn of course. With this way of thinking you can judge what size elastic to use for the size of fish you are targeting. The smaller the fish, the smaller of elastic and line you can get away with using. Size 8 elastic is a good all round start as it will help to land you smaller fish (but might bump off some of the really small fish)but it will also help stop some slightly larger fish if you do hook in to any.

    Size 14 elastic is quite strong and will handle some good sized carp, the only things you have to take in to consideration when fishing for carp and other strong hard fighting fish is that 14's elastic is not sufficient enough when fishing close to snags, but it should handle most commercial sized carp in open water. Attach some 7lb line to a really good strong hook say a Kamasan B911 or one of the new Drennan Carp hooks and you should be able to tame and land most commercial carp.

    Also, don't try and fish the pole at it's maximum length straight away if it's say 13 metres or above, fish it say anything up to 9 metres, this way it's not as heavy and will allow you to get used to shipping the pole in and out until you feel comfortable enough to fish it at longer lengths.

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    Ok thanks alot some nice info [img]/forum/smilies/smile_smiley.gif[/img] Dont think im going fishing tomro now wether is ment to be 45mph winds [img]/forum/smilies/surprised_smiley.gif[/img]

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    Ideal conditions Arron, get out there man.
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    Yeah haha its changed again the wind is 9mph low nice day until 3 then rain but bit of rain dont hurt any one ;P

    Think im gunna go try my first ever pole fishing [img]/forum/smilies/smile_smiley.gif[/img]

    Hope i dont do any damage apprently there lethal in the wrong hands xD.

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