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Thread: Lakes

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    Michael Hall Guest


    Does anyone know what the rules are mainly towards baits at the lake districts???

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Live fish are a bit frowned-upon at the moment, other than that I expect you'll be ok with just about anything else. Phone one of the shops up there, they'll tell you - what you going after..?

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    Michael Hall Guest


    cheers chris! the reason i asked was that some people have said that the rule are the same as northumbrian waters! but I was unsure as I think its a total different water board!

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    There aren't any water boards these days but different regions of the EA have different rules. I'd check with the North West EA office, they'll probably be able to send you a leaflet or something.

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    Dave Kennedy Guest


    the north west fisheries bylaws are on the environment agency web site.

    good reading too.

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    Dave O'L Guest


    Michael, on the National Trust waters, outside the coarse fishing season, it's worm only for bait. You can fish for the trout.
    Come the 16th can use most things if coarse fish are present. In most cases you'll be fishing for Trout, perch, pike & eels. There are a small head of roach in Windermere now though. You way be lucky & get a chance for a charr & I know one person who would take the odd salmon as they move through the lake.
    There are other club waters around so you'll have to check them out.

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