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    Ive bought some method mix of a neutral/crushed hemp mix , if i madeup onemix on the bank and say addedfishpellet, corn and some cooked hemp to it,could i useand any flavoured hook bait with this mix, eg: a spiced boilie or tigers on a hair. Would one mix on the bank have its limitations.

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    The idea around method feeders is that the fish get into a feeding frenzy and knock the ball of bait around trying to get at the bigger pieces before the other fish. The fish will already be in a state of frenzy when they see your bait and grab it quickly. The more varied you make the freebies in the ball of groundbait will keep the fish guessing which bait the hook is in. To be frank you could try anything the possibilities are endless.

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    Agent no,9

    this is top secret i will say this only once .

    That sound like a dam good mix as long as you use a riddle to get some air in the mix and spread damp patches it all should work well,if your useing a canned hemp or cooking your own use theliquidein your method mix and your on a winner, Or use the liquid out of the sweet corn full of suger try adding some sea salt and tuna in brine perfect mix dude.

    big thumbs up ,tight lines


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