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    That's part of the problem with being an "all round" angler Kevin

    I've got the barbel rods, carp rods , pike rods, general coarse rods, fly rods- I just need to move near to the sea to havea reason to buy some sea rods- still in the meantime there are some 11ft,12ft ,13ft,15ft,17ft rods I NEED

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    Me to !

    I seem to be collecting rods, reels and other tackle !

    And like you I am shure I need a few more "little bits " of tackle [img]/forum/smilies/smile_smiley.gif[/img])

    I am feeling Good this week as I sold a fly rod and reel I havent used for years the sale will justify a new toy [img]/forum/smilies/smile_smiley.gif[/img])

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    Nice article Kev, as it is looking like rain this weekend, I was going to sort out the shed.

    It is a total myth that there is such a thing as superfluous tackle, believe me once you start sea fishing you will need 4&6 oz beachcasters, with both multiplier & fixed spool reels, a bass rod with a nice little multiplier, and a fixed spool reel if you want to use it for float fishing for mullet.

    For boat fishing you will definitely need 20, 30 & 50 lb gear, with matching multipliers, and a couple of uptide rods & reels just in case.

    I told my wife the other day that I need every single piece of fishing tackle that I have, in the same way that she needs every pair of shoes and handbags that she has spread over 3 wardrobes.

    Anyway how is the economy supposed to recover if we don't buy any more tackle.

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    Dave Slater Guest


    I had a cull a few years ago and am now quite minimalist with the tackle I nowhave. My results seem to be better for it as I think I concentrate more on the fish than what tackle to use now.

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    Dave if you were a golfer you'd be one of those who went round all year long with a half set, how can you hope to confuse yourself with choice with that sort of attitude.

    (Insert smiley thing)

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    A very similar thing happened to me when i married 27 years ago, the love of my life suggested we clear out my tackle box and it all went to the jumble because fishing is a blood sport and therefore is bad and no husband of hers was going to be bad.

    well being desperatley in love i dutifully obeyed and hung up my wellies and spent the next 25 years dreaming of floats, ledgers, spinning outfits and every now and then i would walk the dog along familiar banks hoping to run into an old pal or two with a spare rod and a kind heart.

    anyway three years ago i came home to find her packing and informing me she no longer loved me as i had changed, and had met somone at work i was devistated, so devistated i had to run to the tackle shop and replenish my tackle box imediateley!!!

    So in my humble opinion no you can NEVER have enough tackle in fact i'm off out to buy some now because i can here a very nice landing net calling and it has my name on it

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    Cakey Guest


    typical case of dick ruling the heart Mark

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    Cakey I think I love you(In A MANLEY way of course) [img]/forum/smilies/big_smile_smiley.gif[/img]

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    Nov 2004


    Mark think of yourself as lucky, you can have sex with your tackle now.

    Kevin, sounds like that lake will require lots more tackle, lucky ******, over the fence at the bottom of your garden.

    Perch and tench record holder, and ACA member for twenty years, and Treasurer of P.A.S.C.

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    Kevin Perkins Guest



    The lake wasn't in the decision process when we looked at the house, in fact, didn't even realise it was there at first! It is in fact not just over the back fence, because there is a copse between us and the water. No, problem, I thought, a bit of surreptitious pruning with the chainsaw and the lake will be in view. Except., the searches have come back with the news that all the tree are coveredf with TPO's..........grrrrr....!!!!

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