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    Is this the breakthrough we've been waiting for? Are anglers - sea, game and coarse - going to be fighting together soon?

    What do you think?

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    john conway Guest


    Yes this is a breakthrough, we must speak at government level with one voice and we must be able to verifiably demonstrate the value of the leisure angling industry and believe me numbers do count. Having been very heavily involved with the Public Rights of Way Bill going through parliament at the moment I can speak with some authority on what makes politicians sit up and listen. Doing nothing is not an option. Watch the Fox Hunting with Dogs Bill vary carefully and be assured that someone will have a go at fishing next. Also be careful when dealing with the Countryside Alliance, not that we shouldn't co-operate, just be careful.

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    Paul Williams Guest


    I wish every sucsess to the new group and i think that in principle the idea is sound, I will be bringing it up at our group meetings with a view to making a contribution in some form those of you who visit other sites will know talking and reaching agreement within our own domain is bloody hard at times, and if we don't learn to talk to each other instead of at each other then we ain't got any alliance, because the only thing that will really make politicians sit up is if they lose votes,so it is important that as many as possible are bought into the fold,we have to make it so that no party wants to alienate us......

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    What's the score with these groups merging then? I know nothing about them, jointly or singulary. Why is their merging so significant and how will we, the everyday anglers, be able to influence them if they are to be our voice to the powers that be?

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    martin BATEY Guest


    well said Dave. Who are these organisations and what do they stand for? What is the advantage of merging?

    State your courses to the angling public. I have every reason to believe that your aim is to promote angling in the UK to the maximium.

    Spill the beans boys!. All the best for your plans.

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    Rob Stubbs Guest


    I'm not so sure the merging (or re-merging) of SACG and NASA is the significant factor it's the formation of the NAA (National Angling Alliance) which has more significance (IMO). This new group should effectively unite all branches of angling. Representatives from SACG (or soon to be SAA), NFA, STA, NFSA, NAFAC & ATA.

    For those that don't know NASA is the national association of specialist anglers and SACG is specialist anglers conservation group. Check out our website ( for more details of what we are about.

    SACG assistant secretary.

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    I didn't mean to imply that it was the significant factor. What I find significant is any alliance of our governing bodies. Any linking together has got to be better than all those little organisations going their separate ways instead of pulling together.

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    Rob Stubbs Guest


    I have to agree with you completely. Lets hope that anglers give it the chance to be something really useful for the future of angling and give it their full support.

    I'll drop you the appropriate press release when I get it.


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