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Thread: Twaite shad

  1. Default the real life kicks in........the wye was chocolate today, IF the Shad were there they couldn't see my lure.

    Nope....anglers make Zilch difference to them!!!!!!!!!

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    Dave Burr Guest


    I spent a lot of time on the phone to the various organisations last year regarding the shad. Having written about them and introduced plenty of anglers to the delights of shadding I felt I ought to get to the bottom of it all.

    First point - The 'shad awareness day' was held in a small room in Hay on Wye. It was poorly advertised and attended even the press were not there. I and many other interested parties, only heard about it after the event.

    I studied the relevant section of the Wildlife and Countrys9de act and found that it does not afford Twaite Shad the protection that was being reported. I spoke to the EA Bailiff named in the press release but he was unhelpful and threatened to 'do' anybody he caught despite not seeming to know the legal situation. It would seem that they were pleased to have this piece of legislation as it covered a loop hole that they had been unable to fill when people go salmon fishing without a licence but when challenged they claim to be shad fishing which are not named on the rod licence.

    The EA fishery department were vague and unaware.

    The Countryside Council of Wales (or something like that) had the answers. Apparently there is an overriding law regarding SSSI's that if you recklessly endanger anything that goes to make up the SSSI then you are guilty of an offence.

    Now this is a belt and braces piece of legislation aimed at large scale pollution where a specific offence cannot be proved. The spirit of the law was never intended to stop anybody catching a few shad. Those that I spoke to admitted that it was unlikely that they would ever get a conviction with it.

    In my opinion, if there is a problem (usually around Monmouth 40 miles below Hay where the low-key launch happened) then why not get a by-law passed or put a few suspects in front of the court, this would stop the poachers.

    Also, if you want to protect a fish you stand a far better chance of getting support from anglers if they at least know of the species, and most anglers haven't a clue what a shad looks like. Let them catch a few and they will respect them and, if in the future they need extra protection, they will be willing to support them and give backing to protection orders. This could be relevant should the Severn Barrage go ahead as it will adversely effect the shad run.

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