We (me, the wife, her sister and hubby) have just booked a cottage at Norham for a week in mid July (with the wife's blessing) and it would be silly not to take some tackle...and it wasn't my choice, honest.Up to the mid 80's the fishing (for roach and dace) used to be fantastic but it really took a nose-dive after the salmon fishermen virtually emptied the river of its coarse fish.

We could only sit there one day and watch in disbelief when net full after net full of specimen fish were unceremoniously dumped into the backs of trucks.

I nor anyone I know has ever botheredto fish the river since that time; has any FM member fished or heard of anyone fishing the area recently? Anglers are still catching the Tweeds offspring, but from the Wear[img]/forum/smilies/wink_smiley.gif[/img]