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    hi, sorry if there is thread already this is my first post

    i need some help please what is the difference between poles and whips?

    i would like to buy a cheap 1 to see if i like it £30 max incase im not to keen on it all advice will be appreciated thanks [img]/forum/smilies/smile_smiley.gif[/img]

    what do you think about this for a starter

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    alan whittington Guest


    tommy,a whip is normally for small fish and are telescopic on the other hand thepole is take apart and generally longer(and lighter),the whip you have highlighted is elasticated to handle quite large carp(certainly into double figures),im not sure you could assess whether you like the pole or not upon trying such awhip because its a hit and hang on tool which a pole(even amargin pole) has a little more finesse with its usages,but that aside its a good price which i dont believe that you could get a margin pole worth having for less than £80-140,hope ive been some help,Alan

    p.s. Look at the thread 'POLE ADVICE' in general fishing.

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