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    Hi colleagues,

    Just 1 day ago have bought the float (Cralusso Torpedo). may be somebody may explain how to use for tuning of float the piece of trasparent film ( where stated arrow and capacity). Thank you in advance


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    It has 2 holes in goes on the top wirestem,and the other on the bristle,it is meant to enhance the sunken body effect.In my experience,you need to overshot it,ie 6 gram float 7 gram olivette,or necessary shot.Dot it down until it sinks if you dont hold it back hard in the flow.You should only have the bristle above the surface.your bulk or olivette sould be set an inch above the bottom of the river,your hook link should have a no8 shot halfway between hook an bulk, it is used to let your bait flutter on the river bed,I presume you will use it on a pole,its not easy on a rod,when you get the balance right it is a fantastic method,especially in deep fast water.

    I am interested to know what sort of venue you will be using it on?

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    Hi Peter, Thanks a lot for advice. Now answers go one by one:

    Re venue- this not a secret: I am fr Latvia, there are a lot of streamwater rivers ( small and moderate) the same as lakes. Normally I use just pole rod for such type of floats( Discs).

    But pole rod fishing means fisherman on place at all time of fishing.

    My friend made a present on birthday bolognese rod and set of float fr Cralusso. And now try to get some info for this fishing.

    Re shots and loading. My regular rig ( for disc type float) consist of abt 70% in one olivette or shot, other 30 in 5-8 round shot, however always live 3 small shots on hooklenght. But such rigs used only for polerod. Could you tell me re bolognese? And what is scope to keep only bristle above water. And how long it should be above water. In set there is antenna coloured in two by yellow-red.

    Re depth- On small rivers- can be fr 2 up to 20 feets

    Stream speed between 0.5 up to 4 knots

    Could you tell me pls some criteria to choose proper hooklengts, diameter, and hook size? What kind of bait do you use and what is tactics should be choosen?

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    My rig would be ok on a bolognese rod of say 20feet.As with a pole you fish in line with the end of your rod.The advantage with a rod is you can slowly let the float move downstream so covering more water.AsI said above shot it down so only the antenna is above the surface when you hold back in the current,the colours are up to you to,which ever you can see best in the conditions.You could also use a bolognese float,to the same effect. Use hook lengths in diameters you think necessary for your target fish,same with hooks.

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