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    I was fishing the waggler todaywith corn for skimmers and roach with a fine insert waggler, the bites i wasgetting were all over the place, the wind was strong at times and the float was hard to ready constantly moving either with the wind, tow, line bites, small fry attacking the bottom of the float, and genuine bites both lift and normal downers. I dont usually use the slightly larger baits like corn and pellets normally sticking tomaggots, caster, hemp, and punch which with this type of bait fine insert waggler floats works well most of the time.

    When fishing these larger baits which can drag on the bottom would it be better to fish with a straight waggler, as im a bit confused to the best choice of float.

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    Laurie Harper Guest


    I think a straight waggler should be fine. I assume you are fishing in still or slow moving water from your description. If so, fish it slightly overdepth and have the last shot on the bottom- you may need to experiment with the size. You can either anchor the bait or drag bottom slowly in flowing water. Leave a reasonable amount of "show" on the float so it isn't constantly vanishing under the surface in rough conditions. Sink the line from rod top to floatand wait for a proper indication of a bite - don't strike at little dips.

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    Straight waggler and sink the line

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