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    Nobby C (ACA) Guest


    The RSPB ? Where's the EA in all this?

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    Sean Meeghan Guest


    Looks like a typical lack of joined-up thinking to me. We seem incapable of making the link between sensible land usage and river management. I suspect that it's more a case of commercial interests over-riding common sense and authorities taking the easy way out and allowing flood plains and river catchment areas to be developed.

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    Depressing about the management of our river systems - despite the improvements in many systems since the dark days of industrial pollution (as in the Mersey basin)

    What is encouraging is the clear regard the Angling Trust has seemingly garnered in such a short time. Agencies with which we had a number of frictions with, such as the RSPB, are now happily working in concert with us. I am not so naive as to believe no future conflicts will occur but these burgeoning relationships can only minimise such events.
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    Where can you find the EAs response to this report?.

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    there is,nt one their asleep

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    If you read the angling press,they harp on about the 70's match fishing,it was the "heyday of river match fishing",huge bags of roach,bleak was common to have 180 peg matches on the thames,trent,etc with amazing silverfish bags.

    I remember the pollution,and how the word itself became, through the media,into our commonlanguage .

    So where are the 100lb roach bags today,(we all know cormorants are a problem)but I believe our rivers are just too clean today.

    PS If the RSPB are so concerned about fish and our rivers,why dontthey they do something about controlling cormorants,mergansers etc,depriving our beloved kingfishers etc of their prey?

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    Sean Meeghan Guest


    Peter, you're living in cloud cuckoo land!

    There's no such think as a river that's too clean. OK so some fish thrive in semi-polluted water, but others don't. This means that you get unbalanced ecosystems which contain hidden pollutants that do untold damage. If you want large bags of fish go fish a commercial fishery where the stocking density mimics the 'good old days'.

    If you think that the control of fish eating birds can be achieved by anything other than wholesale slaughter then think again! Shooting a few of our feathered friends isn't going to solve anything. What we need to do is work with like minded allies (such as the RSPB) to encourage sensible fishing practices, the control of what is dumped at sea and the cleaning up of coastal sewage discharges.

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    Blimey Seanthats the worst *******ing I've had since school.

    Did I really say anything about wholesale slaughter?

    I was an RSPB member until I got fed up with their advertising-spam-junk mailetc.

    I am a member of the A.T.

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    Jasper I'm not surprised the EA haven't released anything yet

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