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    Alan Cooper Guest


    This question is posed in this week's Angling Times and I wonder what others think. I have no objection to "rough shooting" but I have always balked at fox hunting. And yet I am increasingly coming round to the view that we are all in this together and a policy of "joint support" is the better one. In effect, I think that angling, as a body, should join. Other views?

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    Paul Williams Guest


    Alan, i to read the AT today and have put some thought into this, i'm not up to putting forward a balanced debate tonight but i will say that i too am beginning to think that yes we should add our support, after all we are all "fieldsports" together and we should begin to make it known we will all fight (vote!) to continue to enjoy our chosen sport.

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    Can't say that I'm a fan of fox hunting but if joining the Countryside Alliance along with the fox hunters is what it takes to keep fishing safe then yes, we should join.

    Fishing is, and has been for as long as I remember, one of the most important things in my life. I would indirectly support a great many things I don't agree with to save it.

    But I respect the views of those who wouldn't.

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    Life is all about compromises. We are being dictated to by self rightous, ignorant, would be do gooders about country sports. We may not individually agree with some aspects of hunting, but we are all under the 'country sports' umbrella and are therefore all targets. United we stand, divided we fall. Join forces and have one voice.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    I have real reservations about uniting with hunters.
    Now we are just seen as slightly eccentric folk who don't speak a lot that are seen sitting quietly by the side of the canal with our flask and limp sarnie when people walk past with their dogs to get their Sunday paper, or are we seen as blood letting environmental criminals who kill and maim all creatures?

    Extremes of the argument?


    How are we viewed, and how do we want to be viewed?

    I agree that we need to join with as many like-minded people as possible to save our sport from pathetic hippies, but I have reservations about linking with the hunting lobby.

    Mind you, when it comes to the crunch I'll do anything to help the cause.

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    I don't think that joining forces with other countryside people will make Joe Public see us any differently. We won't all of a sudden become blood-letters in the public's eyes, although I dare say the link, at least in that respect, will not go in our favour.

    It all comes down to the question of if holding hands with the followers of other country sports will be the saviour or the death of fishing.

    And that's my problem at the moment, I don't know the answer to that one and I'm still listening to the arguments.

    But what I don't want to hear is any bunny-hugging points. I want to hear opinion that will convince me, or not, that joining the Countryside Alliance will keep fishing safe.

    I already know how myself and most people feel about fox hunting but continuing to tell me that isn't furthering the debate.

    I have the same reservations as you, and I drift from one side of the argument to the other, but right now I think numbers and power will win the day.

    On our own we don't have the numbers and as perceived limp sarnie eaters we certainly don't have the power.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    In my opinion we should join up. Although I do not have the slightest interest in fox hunting, I have spent a great deal of my time, especially in Africa, behind a gun shooting game birds and antelope.
    Without doubt, once they ban fox-hunting, they will set their sights (excuse the pun) on shooting... you know the rest.
    I have just read a most thought provoking book. It's called "Animal Rights & Wrong" by a man called Roger Scrouton. Might I suggest that before anyone makes up his mind regarding this issue, he or she reads this book. The author has a Ph.D. in philosophy. He is worth listening to.

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    I think we should unite.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Ron, any main points that come out of the book?

    Sedge, any reasons why?

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    Mark Gregory Guest


    We should show our allegiance to this organisation, I have no afinity with fox hunting, I don't shoot or hunt, however what I do object to is well organised and often lawless individuals inflicting their beliefs upon the rest of us. The 'anti's' are not to be under estimated, if they suceed in banning fox hunting you can bet they will turn their attentions on other pastimes including angling. They are as passionate about causing mayhem and grief as we are about fishing!

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