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    Default Bait for cats and carp in etang de rouge,please

    Hi fellows anglers .
    I`m going to france holidaying for couple of weeks with my missus and 3kids from which I will do 3 days fishing in etang de rouge lake with good head of catfish,carp and other fish.I would like to catch my first catfish or good carp.Many people say to put few kg of bait.I have plenty of small fishy pellets and thinking to buy some other things like boilies and hemp.Can anyone suggest place to buy 5 or 10 kg of boilies etc.I`m looking to buy on the tight budget so price is important factor.Can you also suggest a type of bait to buy, freezer (more expensive) or shelf-life .

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    I'd use Maize and Hemp for the Carp, you can buy sacks of Maize and Hemp from some Pet Food Stores or some Farm Stores. Also don't forget things like Sweetcorn, Garlic Sausage, Pepperami etc they all make good Hook Baits and should stay fresh.
    Boillies, Nash Baits do some very good Shelf Life Boillies you could use them as free offerings and fish the Freezer Bait boillies on the Hook.
    Boillies really don't come that cheap, even when buying in bulk, but they are slightly cheaper than buying them 1kg at a time.
    Any Fishy Boil for the Cat Fish or Great big Halibut Pellets hair rigged.
    You could try pieces of Calimari <however it's spelt> or strips of fish on the Hook for the Cat Fish but you would probably have to buy that in France.

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    I know this lake very well. For the catfish, fish a livebait close to the surface in the middle of the lake, as far from the banks as possible. This is where the catfish feel safe. Fish the dam end of the lake if possible, it's deeper. Borrow a baitboat to position the baits. Take 2 pints of maggots and a float rod to catch livebaits, storing them in Michels bait fridge because they will turn in the heat. The carp are pAtchy, easy if you can find them, harder if you can't. Fish with fruit or fishmeal baits but don't mix them or you will kill the swim. You only need 15 lb line and 2.75lb tc rods even for the cats.

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    Squid are a good bait for cats -- the smellier the better
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