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Thread: Bake Hall

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    Craig Smith Guest


    Does anyone know this water?
    I am fishing there for this years Interpharma fishing match. It is a charity match for Second Chance held between some of the pharmaceutical companies in the UK.
    Any info will be better than what I have to go on at the moment!
    Cheers for any help and tight lines : )

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    Jason Middleton Guest



    Blakehall is a commercial fishery, and consists of 3 lakes, 2 match lakes and a specimen lake.

    The lakes are mainly stocked with pastie carp, but the bigger of the 3 pools also has a good head of rudd and tench.

    I haven't fished there for a few weeks, but the last match I saw was won with just over 20lb, however on its day 80lb+ weights are possible on the larger pool.

    There are bans on barbed hooks,all pellets, boilies, & pastes, but groundbait is allowed.

    I have never fished any of the matches so don't know what tends to be the winning methods/bait, but have had considerable success fishing the tip using worms, red maggot, sweetcorn or bread.

    Hope that helps

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    Craig Smith Guest


    Cheers dude : )
    Tip being straight lead or feeder?

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    Jason Middleton Guest


    Usually start with the feeder, and take it from there

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    Dave Johnson Guest


    Jase, if you remember, I 'balled' in about 6 jaffa sized balls of g/bait laced with corn at the start and within minutes was getting intres on corn but as soon as I went onto bread i was getting much faster ands confident bites.
    I continued to use a feeder (cage) and switched to a bomb intermittently

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