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    Default How long before you re-bait?

    I know this will vary according to method etc, but how do you decide when to rebait if things are going a bit slow?
    When sea fishing I used to actually time it to about 20 minutes. I think with experience you get a "feeling" that you should re-cast, and very often you get a result, perhaps the bait had settled on some weed something. I think I tend to leave it too long, hoping something will happen, and have probably missed a lot of fish
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    About 20 minutes for me on the rivers.Although on freezing cold days I have left a worm on for ab hour and still caught.

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    As you've said it depends on what your fishing for & how

    If there were carp feeding in front of you & you weren't catching then i'd be tempted to start rethinking bait/rigs. If i was confident the rig was ok i'd probably rebait after around 20mins.

    When im float fishing i sometimes bring the rig in after about 5 minutes if i'd not had a proper bite as it usually means the little fish have sucked my maggots dry!

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    its swings and round abouts. If your not confident, rebait.

    also the higher the stock in the lake the more often I would rebait, and vice versa. for example, on commercial fisheries, you are most likely to get a bite within 5 mins, and most of the time if you havent had a bite something is wrong.

    but on places like hard carp waters with low stock density, the less disturbance and the longer your bait is in the water, generally, the better.

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