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    Goose Ganderton Guest


    Well people it's that time of the year again (personaly I'm not that fond of it,to much wasting time sitting around pretending to be merry when I could be fishing)
    and I would like to wish everyone here a happy Christmas.
    To all the lurkers please drop in and just say hallo. It would be nice to know how many there are of you that come here but dont want to add to the treads, nothing wrong with that but it would be great to know that its not just the hardcore few dozen. I think the biggest thread is 165 so lets get this one to set a new record and i dont mean multipul postings. I would also like to thank Graham for a great site, I realy look forward to popping in every time I am on-line. Keep up the great work Graham, you are doing a top job and one day I hope to meet you and shake your hand. I must stop drinking this Merlot, it makes me woffel.

    So once again Happy Christmas everyone and have a great 2001 fishing

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    Thanks for the good words Goose, and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and all visitors to FISHINGmagic from me and FISHINGmagic commercial manager Sally and all the people behind the scenes in London who devise and tweak all the technology we tend to take for granted.

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    Leon Foreman Guest


    Well it is a great (the best)site and to all those that have contributed in part and partial, may all your wishes come true. Have an ejoyable fesitive season.
    From sunny South Africa
    Best Wishes

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    john conway Guest


    Moving over onto FishingMagic from BikeMagic, where I was interested in rights of way matters, was the natural thing to do when I decided to get back into fishing again. Like the chit-chat and the articles, may be one day when I land my first 10Lbs plus Lune Bream l'll write a little article myself. Look forward to talking to you all next year, Merry Christmas and tight lines over the Christmas break.

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    Mike Fidler Guest


    Season's greetings everyone, I hope you all either get that new Item of tackle or manage to catch a fish over the holiday.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Sod off Mike, I'm working all the way through.
    The 25th is a working day in Japan, bloody Buddhists...........

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    ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one) Guest


    Merry xmas and all the best for the New Year

    P.S. In my alter ego (The Sweet Prince) I have been asked to do the speech on Christmas Day instead of the Queen

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    peter webber Guest


    I hope you all get what you want and you injoy the xmas season (maybe getting a little fishing in too ).
    CARP dont work too hard will you hehehe.

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    peter webber Guest


    P.S: A special xmas greeting to graham, sally and the team of fishingmagic for all there hard work.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    I am tempted to say Bah! Humbug, but my good friend and doppelganger - Widecome Grimspound says A Very Merry Yuletide to you all and may your horsehairs never have galls or scabs

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