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    john conway Guest


    "Clare Percey was jailed yesterday for trying to sabotage the European Angling Championships on the river Trent at Nottingham."
    I've been giving this type of anti-social activity some thought for awhile now and have come to the conclusion that it would be to the advantage of the Angling community if a database were sent up on who these people are. Starting with their name, address, telephone number, car registration, a photograph if possible. And a brief description of their annoying habits or offences. Then perhaps the angling community could annoy them. Obviously it's not for me to suggest what that annoyance should be. Any comments.

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    Good idea. And I'll make the first suggestion about how we can annoy them:

    Pop a dozen or so very dead and very smelly fish through their letterboxes with a note that says:

    'There will be a lot more of these if you stop anglers from fishing and keeping their eye on polluters. Incidentally, What do you do to stop the pollution of our waterways? Throwing yourself in doesn't help. Although it could do if the police aren't around to pull you out.

    Next time try it where there are lots of anglers and no police and I'm sure the anglers will help you to stay in the water for a very, very long time.'

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    Quite honestly all I can say is that these scum need to be caged and extend my heartiest congratulations to all involved. The police the courts and the sentencing judge well done!

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    MARK FRAME Guest


    exellent news lets hope theres more to come but i think anglers on a whole are better than these so called do gooders and we dont need to lower ourslves to there level

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    clive mansfield Guest


    Very interesting idea. If you look under Hunt Sabs on the internet you will find that the NW area indeed publish names, addresses and phone numbers of Hunt Masters etc. Obviously so this can provoke unwanted attention from other Sabs etc.
    What is good for the Gooose...........
    At the boxing day meet of the Local Hounds there were about 40 protesters a lot of whom obtained their plackards from a large supply in the back of a car. I noticed that there were Anti Angling Banners also in the car.
    Food for thought.
    I, for one, will not be victimised and will be joining the London March to Hyde Park on 18th March.
    We cannot be complacent.

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