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    EC Guest


    Stanley Park End, block PE5, row U seat no 128 at a cost of 340 per season?
    Or the cash could pay for my extortionate petrol costs each season ( minimum 50 miles to a river to fish for chub or barbel) and or a Prince Albert ticket (is it really a 3 year waiting list?) I have got 2 more days to make my mind up, being of the same ilk, what would you do Gary?

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    Paul Williams Guest


    You pair are sadder than me even!! .....there is a quicker way of getting into the PA.......ask Gary when you see him.

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    Gary Knowles Guest



    Got the ticket mate.....PA is going downhill fast as a specimen water club. They have some great stretches on the upper severn but I rarely fish any other of their waters these days

    Paul - get off this thread !

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    Paul Williams Guest


    I know, i know all this takeover of threads has got to stop!!!

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    Tony wainwright Guest


    Come on Eddie are you a bluenose or what?
    No competition unless you look at it like this:
    1. The team is ****, has been for 15 years
    2. What is the additional cost of going to each match?
    3. you're missing valuable fishing time when at a match.
    BTW I'm a bluenose, since 1969(dont learn fast do I?)

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    EC Guest


    The thing is fellas I will only end up listening to the match whilst fishing anyway, when we score (seldom) I jump around shouting like a total pr**k, dead funny when chub on the River Dane, not! I've probably been the subject of a thread or 2 on here, you know 'We just got the chub going then at 4.30 some stupid t*t started shouting and we had to pack up..etc etc etc'
    Aside from that when we lose (often) it only spoils the fishing anyway. So in the interests of the angling folk of the north west, I'll probably renew, and allow them peace and quiet alternate Saturdays. Aside from that its obvious Gary doesnt want me to join PAAS anyway.

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    Gary Knowles Guest


    Not at all Eddie...

    Its just that David Moyes needs your money more than they do !!

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    EC Guest


    Can't argue with that Gary!

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