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Thread: Cars

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    Terry Mann Guest


    Have been looking at the Legacy and Forester myself but have been put off by the cost of running one ,not the best on juice are they and some of the insurance quotes you get when you mention Subaru could give you a heart attack.


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    John Pleasance Guest


    Gerry, I seem to remember reading somewhere that you have to get over 156mph to fool the speed cameras but that may be somewhat apocryphal.

    Lay off the Peugeots,I've got a 405 Diesel Turdo and it does fine for me.the A/C is particularly welcome at this time of year for us heat haters.

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    Andy Davis Guest



    The mpg is not bad, but running costs are ok, shop around for insurance as some of them think us are all "turbonutterb*stads"

    My peugeot 406 estate was so bad I got my money back !! The latest JD power survey was in "what car" recently have a look in there!

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    Sean Meeghan Guest


    Its got to be the diesel Scenic for me. Its worth it for the removeable seats alone - instant van!

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    Ron Clay Guest


    Two top tips for angling motorists:

    1: Always carry a spare set of hub caps in the boot. When you are travelling through Liverpool, it is important to let the locals pinch them, or they might do a great deal more damage to your vehicle.

    2: Always travel with your headlight on, even in bright sunlight. Then other anglers will think you are Des Taylor.

    (Des Taylor drives a Volvo) )

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    Tony wainwright Guest


    I've got a (hush boys say it quietly) Ford Galaxy and no complaints. the back five seats can be taken out either individually or all together.
    Its comfortable, Ghia model is all electrics,A/C, 2.3 litre engine so it goes quick enough. 9K for just under 3 yrs old.
    Well worth the money. If you cant get all your gear in that you should forget the fishing and run a tackle shop!

    BTW if you go fast enough to avoid the second photo they will have got you on the first one.

    If in Liverpool dont stop at the traffic lights or you'll end up on bricks!

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    Gerry Castles Guest


    John I understated the 850 T5R, it was in fact road tested at 155mph. take out the furry dice and the extra weight of the bass box and 156 is on the cards. Chris's wife regularly does this kind of speed around the fens (or so he says)

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    Gerry Castles Guest


    They're running lights Ron not headlights.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    Here is a true story. I went over to Paris last year on a business trip. I took my MDs Jag down to East Midlands Airport and left it in the High Security car park for 3 days. When I parked It I did so next to a very expensive and exotic silver Ferrari.

    I returned to find the Jag OK, but the Ferrari was up on bricks, the wheels having been pinched.

    I've never laughed so much in my life!!!;0D

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    Mark St Jefferson Guest



    Could definitley do with one of those Lada's round here. Preferably with proximity mines and electrified door handles.

    Live in the east end and the ******'s have tried doing my van 6 times in the last three years.

    All thats ever in it when I park is groundbait bags, smelly wellies, nets and all those fishing related things you DONT want in the flat. I think the smell from inside has stopped them stealing it on more than one occaison.
    I keep expecting to find one of them asphyxiated by the van one of these days .

    ...Ooh I hope so! for which I will cut the little B*****s fingers off and use them for deadbaits!

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