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Thread: Cars

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    PAC sticker for sale - 5,995. With free Peugot 306 TDi, slight smell of sardines...

    Seriously, thinking about changing old Bluebell, what's the best set of angler's wheels at the mo..?

    Can't make me mind up and in severe danger of ending up with a Ford Focus for the boot space.

    Do I have to drive round looking like a photocopier salesman all week just so's I can get all me rods etc in the back.

    Or is there another way without ending up with a people carrier..?

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    Carp Angler Guest


    I've been having a serious look at the Transit 150.
    It's the AA conversion, so it has a double cab and can seat 5 as well as holding a massive amount of gear.
    Regular servicing and reasonable mileage make it a decent second/third car purchase.

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    Gerry Castles Guest


    Volvo Estate. Takes nine foot rods made up, plus all the **** you can pile in (and five people) If you can run to the 850 T5R it does 150mph. Those speed cameras won't stand a chance. BTW Chris how did your last brush with the courts pan out ?

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    Chris Betts Guest


    I have just bought a Renalt Senic. I used to drive a ford will never go back, cracking motor. Chuck all my Carp gearbin then chuck in my sons kit. He's only just started fishing so there is'nt that much. Then we get in the front. The back seats can be removed, or folded down to give more space than your average new three bed semi. Seriously though holds the lot, plus has the advantage of being a little higher than an ordanary car.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    Lada 4 x 4 diesel with the long wheel base section, made for African conditions. For an extra amount you can get bullet proof windows and anti-carjacking flamethrowers.

    I particularly like the long pocket in the drivers door. Takes a loaded AK47 very well.

    The double can beer carrier next to the dash has a cooling jacket connection to the aircon system. Cold Castles where ever you drive. )

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    Brian Lewis Guest


    I have a Renault Scenic and agree with everything Chris has said about it. Magic motor in terms of capacity and performance.

    It's even got a holder at the front to hold two cans of beer (or whatever) and it's linked to the air conditioning to keep it cold! And two sunroofs to let out the smell!

    Can't fault it.

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    Wag Guest


    Ford Scorpio Estate:- looks like a Bullfrog with constipation, but is consequently a lot of car for a low price, and they are absolutely huge inside. If you can't get all you're gear in one of these you've got far too much gear

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    Kenneth Delaney Guest


    Ugly as a brick, but I cannot fault it in any other way.
    Carries 4 of us and all our gear no problem.
    Best car I ever bought.

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    john conway Guest


    Ex BT Ford 55 diesel Van, 55 mpg. BT being better than GPO as they generally only have one driver. Will carry more gear and bait than I can afford. Everyone can get Ford spares and there’s a dealer in every medium to large town, not that I’ve needed one yet. However, it doesn’t have to double up as the famialy car.

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    Andy Davis Guest


    Subaru Legacy Saloon, both rear seats fold flat, 4WD and about 240bhp

    Seriously...I'd never have another Peugeot and now have two Subarus !

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