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Thread: Dead Maggots

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    Shrek Guest


    Am going for an evening session on Thursday and am choosing to use dead maggots from a previous session. My question in this:

    How successfully can you use these with a closed feeder? Will the current of the river be enough to sweep the maggots out of the feeder, or is it a case of cast down stream and then feed upstream?

    Any advice would be grateful.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Dead maggots wiggle as much as casters and hemp.

    If your river is slow, then they'll struggle to come out.
    If it's got some pace, then there's no issues.

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    Eric Hayes Guest


    Adrian I ain't ever used dead maggots in a block end feeder but you could try enlarging the holes with a drill bit, or even cutting slits in the feeder. A bait dropper may be a better option though.

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    Shrek Guest


    Thanks guys. Suppose it's common sense really. Bit too early for that.

    Might try enlarging the holes in a feeder though. That sounds like a good ploy.

    Mind you, the river is up about 8 to 10 inches with the rain we've had, so it might not be a problem.

    Sorry, answering my own question here, but thanks for the input.

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    Buy some cheap PVA bags and use a stone with the maggots to get the bags down.

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    Cheese Paste Guest


    Or use an open-end feeder and plug it with crumb or mole hill soil

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    Shrek Guest


    Would never even have dreamed of thinking of that one!!!

    How quickly do PVA bags dissolve, never having used them before? Also, how do you attach them to your line for casting? Or are they just thrown in.

    Absolute beginner here as far as PVA is concerned. Only ever used it to seal floors before tiling etc.

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    Just tie the top of the bags with a piece of PVA string or tape, poke a few holes through the bag with a baiting needle or similar, and then just push the hook through the knot that ties the bag. Most bags will dissolve in less than two minutes in summer.

    Better still, but more expensive, are PVA mesh bags such as the Gardner Baggit system. These are what I use. You get approx 30 bags (more if you make small bags) for a fiver. Sounds expensive, but lose two or three swimfeeders and you're starting to be in pocket. I used them on the Dove last night to catch three barbel, feeding pellets. I used about 15 bags in total. Two and half quid for an evening's fishing doesn't sound bad to me.

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    Rodney Wrestt Guest


    try some of the stuff described here <a href=>P VA</a> and you can either make them at home or on the bank, just attach the small ball of pva to the weight so the bait drifts past your hook bait when the bag dissolves and that's it.

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    Paul Williams Guest


    Because they are dead you can also use them with a method can be deadly on the right day....also if "bits" are a nuisance try those plastic maggots instead of real ones......they do catch fish in such situations.

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